Printable free coloring worksheets for Halloween

Halloween is coming soon!
Let us color free printable worksheets!


We are introducing some printable coloring worksheets for Halloween. Click your favorite character to download, and color with your own idea!
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ハロウィン ゲーム 塗り絵_コウモリ
ハロウィン ゲーム 塗り絵_おばけ ゴースト
ハロウィン ゲーム 塗り絵_魔女 ウィッチ
ハロウィン ゲーム 塗り絵_ガイコツ
ハロウィン ゲーム 塗り絵_スパイダー
ハロウィン ゲーム 塗り絵_グレープ
ハロウィン ゲーム 塗り絵_モンスター
ハロウィン ゲーム 塗り絵_ジャックオランタン
ハロウィン ゲーム 塗り絵_キャンディ
塗り絵 無料_ハロウィン


On October 31st, we have Halloween and it is something similar to Obon in Japan. There will be no boundaries between our world and the land of the dead, your family’s spirit will come visit you from afterlife! However, on the night of Halloween, you will encounter some spooky ghosts and monsters. Let’s all dress up as those ghosts and monsters and light up the Jack O’Lantern to frighten bad spirits!

塗り絵 無料_キャンディ


“Trick or Treat!” You will hear children shout this magical phrase on Halloween night. The tradition of children dressing up as ghosts and monsters existed even in the Medieval times. Back then, children did a small performance in front of houses and people gave them food and drinks in return. Nowadays, people give candy to children, and it all started in the 1950s.

塗り絵 無料_ジャックオランタン

Jack o’ lantern

You will see these mysterious faces gleaming on pumpkins on Halloween. This is called “Jack O’Lantern”. Long ago, a man named Jack tricked a demon who tried to take his life. Jack ended up not being able to go either heaven or hell. He got stuck in a dark place between this world and the next, so he put some light in a curved turnip and used it as a lantern. People called him “Jack of the lantern”, that gradually became the word “Jack O’Lantern” over time.

塗り絵 無料_おばけ ゴースト


Ghosts with white sheets over their heads are everywhere in town during Halloween season!

塗り絵 無料_モンスター


You will see not just ghosts and witches, but also many other monsters from the Medieval times. Other monsters like Frankenstein, werewolves and vampires are all common sights every Halloween.

塗り絵 無料_ガイコツ


Also common are skeletons sitting in front of the homes to greet you. Jack Skellington, from Disney’s The Nightmare Before Christmas is a very friendly skeleton and he leads his Halloween friends during their Halloween celebrations every year.

塗り絵 無料_スパイダー


Whenever spiders make crackle sounds you would probably get the creeps. Their webs give people a very creepy feeling, so they often use fake webs as Halloween decorations.

塗り絵 無料_魔女 ウィッチ


Halloween is the festival that originated in Celtic culture. Old Celtic tales tell of witches who ride on a bloom stick and are always with a black cat.

塗り絵 無料_コウモリ


Bats only fly at night, giving a very spooky atmosphere to any town. Some people say that they displayed ornaments of bats to show their appreciation for the creatures. Bats would eat mice and bugs that would devastate farms, and so the towns people liked the bats.