Printable free coloring worksheets for Christmas

Download your favorite reindeer for coloring!

Merry Christmas! We are introducing some printable coloring worksheets for Christmas with reindeers. Click your favorite reindeer to download, and color with your own idea!
*You can see a complete picture when using computer.
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クリスマス トナカイのVixen
クリスマス トナカイのCupid
クリスマス トナカイのDasher
クリスマス トナカイのBlitzen
クリスマス トナカイのRudolph
クリスマス トナカイのComet
クリスマス トナカイのDonner
クリスマス トナカイのDancer
クリスマス トナカイのPrancer
  • Vixen: Slightly mischievous reindeer, always full of energy.
  • Cupid: Loving reindeer with a wealth of affectionate expressions.
  • Dasher: Very fast reindeer, and indispensable when Santa’s sleigh speeds up.
  • Blitzen: Meaning of “lightning bolt”, brings cheer to everyone.
  • Rudolph: Not happy that the red nose was different from the noses of the other reindeer, however, Santa praised Rudolph’s nose because it could light the way even in the darkest places. Santa gives Rudolph the task of leading the nine reindeer and pulling them along.
  • Comet: Smart and charming, and popular with everyone.
  • Donner: Meaning of “thunder”, excellent carol-singer (Christmas song).
  • Dancer: Loves to dance with Santa.
  • Prancer: Friendly, and wonderful friend of Santa.

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