Origami: Christmas Tree

  • 2019-12-09
  • 2019-12-09
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A handmade origami Christmas tree makes your children happy and delighted.

  1. Fold the edges of the paper to the center …

    … and unfold them again…

  2. Put the corners together and fold diagonally. Unfold again.
  3. Squash fold the paper into a square base. Fold the top corner of the paper down to the bottom, bringing the right and left corners to the bottom at the same time. Bring the right and left corners to the bottom by folding the paper in between the bottom and top layers, or squash folding it.
  4. Align the edges to the center crease and unfold again.
  5. Repeat for the reverse side.
  6. Open one of the flaps and fold the crease down to the center.
  7. Turn one half of the flap over and repeat with the other 3 flaps.
  8. Make sure you have 4 flaps on each side.

    Then cut the edges like in the pictures shown. Be careful not to cut the upper part too deep.

  9. Start folding the corners from the incisions as shown in the pics.
  10. After folding the Christmas tree branches cut the tree trunk like shown.
  11. Fold the Christmas tree that you have 3 flaps on one side and 5 flaps on the other side.
  12. Cut the 5 layers side just a little bit over the center. Be careful not to cut too much!
  13. Fold the tip towards the tree flaps carefully.
  14. Open the cut part to make a star.
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